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Almond is a fruit called “Amygdalus” in Latin is a tree native to Middle East and south Asia. Originally, almond is not a true nut, but it is a drupe type, consisting of an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed inside. The height of almond tree is 4-10 meters and the diameter is more than 30 cm.

. almond seed contains 49% oil, of which 62% is unsaturated oleic acid, 24% unsaturated linoleic acid and 6% saturated palmitic acid. The energy of per 100 gr almond is 576 kilo calories.

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Almond benefits

1. Reduces bad cholesterol and heart diseases. Almond has a lot of unsaturated fat which reduces the risk of heart diseases. Research has shown that all edible seeds decrease bad cholesterol and heart diseases. According to a recent study: people who eat nuts five times a week, the risk of their heart diseases will be decreased up to 50%.
2. Almond is an antioxidant.
It contains vitamin E. this vitamin is an antioxidant one which has a lot of benefits.
Antioxidants can avoid of diseases such as: cancer, heart disease, amnesia, Alzheimer, cataract, prostate and damaging of cells and DNA.
3. Inhibits spasm.
Almond contains magnesium and potassium. When there is sufficient magnesium in the body, it flows in blood and can transport oxygen and nutritious substances faster and prevent from increasing heartbeat. Almond contains magnesium a lot more than oat and spinach.
4. Almond helps to lose weight
A lot of people do not eat almond as they think it will put on their weight but nutritious experts have proved that the people who regularly consume almonds at least twice a week lose far more weight than those who rarely or never consume almonds.
5. Almond provides body energy.
Almond has some vitamins, protein and ironso; it can provide the essential energy for the body.
6. Almond avoids of cancer.
Almond contains a lot of calcium and protein. There is 20 gr protein and 240 mgr calcium in each 100 gr almond.
The calcium and fiber of almond reduce colon cancer. Folic acid of almond reduces womb caner.

7. Source of energy
Almond contains a lot of unsaturated fats, fiber, botanical protein, zinc, copper and magnesium. It also contains variety of vitamins that help in metabolizing carbohydrates and is a source of energy for brain.
8. Prevention of gallbladder stone.
9. Almond reduces blood sugar and diabetic disease.
10. Strengthen lung function
Generally, almond prevents some respiratory illnesses such as: asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema (dilation of organ due to gas). Almond contains selenium which is and antioxidant.
11. Strength of bones
Almond consists of unsaturated fats and a lot of nutrients like: calcium and magnesium that are useful for strengthening bones.
Generally, almond is a non-animal source of calcium. You can reinforce your bones and teeth with the phosphorous of almonds.
12. Pregnant women should notice:
Almond is a source of folic acid. As you know, this vitamin creates and maintain cells which is an important duty during cell division and growth, thus, it is very useful for pregnant women and infants. Folic acid is very essential in development of fetus growth. In addition, growing of spinal cord and fetus brain depend on folic acid.

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