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Chicken feet

Chicken feet contain protein, vitamin and minerals which human body cannot produce them. So, it is useful for the people who suffer from problems like: hunch caused by deficiency of calcium, osteoporosis, arthritis, rickets (rachitis) in children or adults, rheumatism and bone fracture.

In general, structural changes of bones and muscle dysfunction caused by deficiency of calcium and vitamin D can be cured by this nutrient. Many nutrition doctors and orthopedic surgeons often recommend to their patients to consume different soup containing extracts of chicken feet.

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Therapeutic properties

• The best treatment for rachitis
• The best prevention and repair for necrosis and decay of joints and cartilages
• The best prevention and treatment for the sound of joints that are eroding
• The best alternative for European and American cartilage pills
• The best supplementary for children’s and teenager’s growth
• The best treatment for cold and severe weakness
• The best source of glucosamine and sulfate chondroitin
• The best repair for bone fracture
• The best healing for backache and lumbar disc
Processed chicken feet are packed as a 10 kilo package in a 20 kilo carton and shipped by refrigerator containers at the temperature of -18 degrees.

Chicken feet and paws are consumed as steamed cuisine in several countries like: China, Korea, Trinidad, Jamaica, South Africa, Peru, Dominican, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam and the Middle East. Most of the chicken feet tissue consists of skin and tendons, with no muscle. As chicken feet have too much skin, it is gelatinous and very useful.

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