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Dried grapes are known as raisin has been existed since centuries ago. Raisin was produced in Iran and Egypt in 2000 B.C. it was used as a prize for those who decorates worship places and for the winners of sport competitions.
Raisin or diet grapes is a rich source of nutrient energizer. It is great for strengthening natural energy. Each 100 gr raisin contains 70 gr sucrose, glucose and natural fructose (all of them are carbohydrate natural sugar).
This fruit is suitable for the people who suffer from chronic fatigue and also it is the best source for those who need a lot of energy like: sportsmen, athletes, rock climbers and runners.

Raisin is full of iron. 100 gr of raisin contains more than 25%required materials of a day for women. It also has a lot of fiber that helps to reduce cholesterol and improve bowel function. In addition, the potassium in raisin reduces blood pressure and prevents evaporating fluid from body. It contains selenium which is suitable for skin. There is some vitamin A and adequate vitamin B in raisin.
A lot of people consider raisin as a complete food (as like as doping). Since raisin has a lot of calories, it is useful for those who suffer from depression, anxiety and some other nervous problems.

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Raisin benefits

Raisin is a dry nutrient fruit which is available all year round like other nuts. It contains full of energy, low fat and low sodium so, it is helpful for those who are on low sodium diet.
1. Raisin is antioxidant and prevents the cells from damaging.
2. Raisin is helpful for bone health and prevents osteoporosis so; it is very helpful for women before their menopause period.
3. It is a good source of vitamin and estrogen.
4. Although raisin is sweet and sticky but is not harmful for teeth even it prevent from tooth decay. Raisin is useful for the health of tooth and gum.
5. Raisin is a good source of vitamins and elements such as: iron, potassium and calcium.

6. It contains a lot of iron. 600 gr of raisin provides 90% of daily body requirements of iron. 100 gr raisins contain 1.88 mg iron whereas 100 gr meat contains 2-4 mg iron.
7. It is a good source of fiber, antioxidant and also a good source of energy.
8. Fiber prevents colon cancer, help to prevent from growing unusual cells and some diseases and also can control the blood sugar.
9. Antioxidant reduces the illnesses of the oldness.
10. Raisin reduces bad cholesterol of blood and also reduces heart diseases.
11. If you consume raisin for 4 weeks, antioxidant in blood will be more and cholesterol will be reduced.
12. Raisin is a good treatment for stomach disorder and constipation.

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